Google Analytics Clinic, with Eric Fettman

Google Analytics Clinic, with Eric Fettman

BackToSchoolVintage-GraphicsFairyGoogle Analytics Clinic: Fill the Gaps and Avoid the Pitfalls in Implementation and Reporting.

Join us for a light dinner, networking and an intro to Google Analytics.
Are the email newsletters that you send out each month driving traffic?  How about your banner campaigns?

How many of your website visitors are watching that video that you invested 10k in?  Are those visitors converting at a higher rate?

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool, but it needs your help to provide the full story on where visitors are coming from and what they’re doing once they arrive.  In this high-impact one-hour clinic, you’ll learn how to address the following gaps in default Google Analytics implementation and reporting:

  • Track non-pageview user actions such as video plays, offsite clicks, and PDF downloads.
  • Configure campaign parameters for correct and complete tracking from emails, pay-per-click, banners, press releases, and social campaigns.
  • Set up goals and funnels so Google Analytics can calculate conversion and abandonment rates.
  • Consolidate URL variations for coherent pageview reporting.
  • Apply advanced segments to more easily identify trends in different audiences.
  • Create backup and test views to preserve your raw data.

In most Google Analytics installations, at least some of these important issues remain unresolved.  Attend this session and learn the critical steps for overcoming these limitations so you can gain accurate, actionable insights and begin to drive measurable performance improvement.

About the Instructor:

Eric Fettman is Analytics Trainer and Coach at E-Nor and author of The Google Analytics Universal Guide: Best Practices for Implementation and Reporting and several other analytics-focused guides. Eric developed a community learning site that has earned recognition as a leading resource for Google Analytics Individual Qualification preparation, and practical Google Analytics skills training. Eric’s “Google Analytics Tip of the Day” was listed by Online Metrics as one of the top Google Analytics blogs of 2014. As an educator and a lifelong learner, Eric most enjoys working with others to strive, grow, and excel in all their digital marketing endeavors.

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