‘Consider it DONE’ at The Innovation Roundtable

‘Consider it DONE’ at The Innovation Roundtable


Consider it DONE! Services offers bookkeeping and administrative services to over 60 small companies. Elizabeth Clark, the founder, will speak about the importance of accurate records for your company. Elizabeth considers herself to be a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about business.

Same time, same place, same networking, nosh, and drinks.

Who we are:

· A diverse community of consultants, programmers, entrepreneurs, executives, designers, and professionals who gather together on Tuesday nights for food, drink, and networking.

What we do:

· We present our ideas, strategies, best practices, and skills for the benefit of all.

What we offer:

· A chance to present your ideas and skills to a targeted group of fellow professionals.

· Networking opportunities which help to expand your business, increase your visibility, and provide you with connections to businesses you may want to know in the future.

· A forum for troubleshooting and best practices advice from people in all stages of business and career paths.

Host a roundtable:

If you have a topic that you’d like to share at Innovation Roundtable, you can find out more information about signing up on our website.

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If the doors are locked call Alex: 203.570.3598




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