eBrevia – Onward and Upward (*sniff*)

EbreviaNed Gannon started working at the Stamford Innovation Center in the Spring of 2012, following the first Stamford Startup Weekend. We had a minimalistic setup back then. A couple of plastic tables, some beat-up chairs and home-office quality WiFi. But Ned didn’t mind. He came nearly every day, brought his lunch, his work and a fantastic attitude.

Ned is the co-founder of legal startup eBrevia and as anyone who has participated in the CT Startup scene knows, he’s been scooping up every possible cash award and accolade that the state and the country have to offer. He’s also world-class at saving money. After the team raised its first round of funding, the team grew, but Ned kept right on working as a coworker.

At last count there were 4 eBrevia coworkers in our space almost every day, working together and getting the product in the marketplace. The sad news is that Ned and the eBrevia team recently moved out of the Innovation Center for nearby office space in downtown Stamford.We’re sad to see him go, but so proud of his progress. His is a great success story that we are very proud to tell. Here’s a video that Ned and I recorded on his last day at SIC.

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  1. Eric Fettman

    Congratulations to Ned and ongoing thanks to SIC for the resources that you provide to the business and tech community.

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