Refine Your Digital Marketing Strategy

shutterstock_186540902 smallerReady to make your social media really work?

Digital marketing has completely shifted the balance of power, from those who own platforms to those who create great content. For many entrepreneurs, the opportunity to create your own platform, with a dedicated audience, invited and re-posted content and strategy is a very real way to create your brand, and build your business.

The benefits of creating your own platform are clear: at low cost, you can get the word out and be found by potential customers, both near and distant. Many small businesses report almost unbelievable results from well crafted content marketing campaigns. The ability to be found by anyone looking for your service is a fundamental shift from the old marketing paradigm of buying space and shouting your message.

Content may be King, but it needs a strategy!

To make this happen is not easy, and requires a discipline over time that traditional marketing does not. Traditional marketing used to be very ‘production-driven,’ with tons of planning, creative development resulting in one or two pieces of messaging that might or might not work. This process was slower, and allowed a sense of control.

Today’s marketing turns this on its head: we need to create constantly, in a steady stream that doesn’t talk about our brand directly most of the time. To do this well requires a new understanding of how to create compelling content.

We are not borrowing audience from someone else anymore. Today’s smart marketers are creating their own audience through a consistent flow of great content. They do this through solid, repeatable process, and insightful content strategies.


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