Coworking Success Stories: Alex Virvo and Hacker Night

Alex Virvo in his “office” in Coworking #1

 Alex Virvo is a staple of Stamford Innovation Center, he can be found in his corner of our bigger coworking room most weekdays and on some weekends. Alex has a talent for connecting people with the resources they need. He tells us in his own words how he got involved with Stamford Innovation Center and how it has benefited him!

“After a career in advertising and a decade as an inventor (9 utility patents), the ball really got rolling when the Stamford Innovation Center asked if I would volunteer to host a weekly Hacker Night event helping build a tech community in Stamford. I gladly accepted, and the first event was attended by five people in January of 2013. Today it is one of the featured events of the Stamford Innovation Center, regularly drawing an audience of 30-35 people every Tuesday night.
This opportunity also gave me a glimpse into coworking and our growing tech community. I soon realized that the people co-working and those attending Hacker Night were an eclectic group of motivated individuals seeking to start businesses, find partners and resources, or simply network with experts. This group has been knowledgeable, inspiring and very helpful.

Proximity on a casual basis has been key for us. Oftentimes a simple hallway conversation with another coworker could be all that is needed to help resolve an issue or inspire an idea. It is in this environment that we are launching three separate art-related businesses, each helping to weave art into the fabric of our community.

Photo by Natasha Miller

Alex Virvo and his son Ryan Virvo at Stamford Innovation Center’s Geeks and Nerds Gala from June 2014. Photo by Natasha Miller.

Great Local Art is an online gallery showcasing the art of local artists, and will serve as a base for our other art-related businesses. Local Art Card is a Shopper Savings Card that features the art of local artists, while it promotes our local businesses.
And the third was a bit of a surprise. Evolved from an Art Park that we started and ran every Saturday last year in Kiwanis Park (next to the Palace Theater), our newest startup is called KidsDrawFree and is a “Kid empowerment program through art”.
Non-profits are beginning to use KidsDrawFree to help raise funds at their own fundraising events. Kids love it. Parents love it and Non-profits love it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for events and opportunities!”

If you have a “Coworking Success Story” or a story of how you got involved with Stamford Innovation Center, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!


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