Life Hack: One-Click Conference Calls

Who knew the little comma could provide a powerful assist in our digital life?

If your job requires connecting with people on conference calls, you can now use the comma to make it easy for mobile phone users to get on your calls with just one click.   This “life hack” will save time, improve accuracy, get your calls off to a good start — and no-one will have to memorize all those nasty pin code numbers.   Here’s how:

Step 1 – When creating a calendar invitation, use the “Location” field for the call. Conf Call Life Hack

Step 2 – Type the conference call phone number, with no words (IMPORTANT) into the location field. Also, don’t write the words password or pin. No Words.

Step 3 –Follow the phone number with 3 or 4 commas. A mobile phone reads a comma as a 2 second pause.

Step 4 – Follow the commas with the pin/passcode and whatever commands the conference call provider suggests — #, a number, whatever. Use commas wherever you would typically pause.  Make sure there are no spaces in the conference call number block.

Here’s what it should look like: xxx-xxx-xxxx,,,,xxxxxx#,,,1FullSizeRender

When Dialing — All you need to do is click the number.  The commas will do the rest of the work!

If you have to use the location/where field to identify a physical address, you can place the block of numbers in the notes section of the invite. Just make sure there are no spaces in the conference call number block, and no other punctuation marks or letters touching the block.

Happy dialing! Let me know how it works for you.


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