Clarity – A Hot Commodity

radio speakerWhat’s on your plate?

I’m guessing almost every project or to-do involves a colleague, partner, customer or friend. You need to let them know something, you need a favor, an introduction. You need to “get their read” on a confusing situation.

Communication has accelerated beyond our ability to measure.

The side-effect of increased speed is that it is way easier to be misunderstood. Conversely, when we write blog posts or create profiles that are “evergreen” we have opportunities to clearly define our thoughts or our outlook – but we often throw this copy together like a collection of loose change.

If you are looking to improve your ability to get things done and are willing to invest in improving the way you communicate, you are in luck. Over the next two weeks we will be hosting expert discussions/classes that will help you in this important arena.

On Thursday, Feb 26, Columbia Business School professor Paul Thurman and his business partner Hugh Seaton will teach a class titled: Management Basics: Keeping your Team Aligned After a Pivot. (hint: it is all about planning and communication) More info and register here.

Want to be found?  Want to find those important people you need to know?  On Wednesday March 4, world-class LinkedIn expert Sandra Long returns to SIC to kick off a 3 part course that we are calling The LinkedIn Personal Power Series. More info and register here.

Hope we see you here for these events – or any of our fun and informative events that you can find right here.

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