[CIO] 15 Cities That Are Hidden Gems for Tech Job Seekers

Stamford was featured in CIO‘s article “15 Cities That Are Hidden Gems for Tech Job Seekers”

San Francisco and New York City may offer the glam factor, but they also bring high costs of living to go with it. If you dig a little deeper, there are many lesser-known cities that offer good pay and good quality of life.

Stamford, Connecticut: Wrestling Mecca

Mostly known for being the World Wrestling Entertainment capital of the world, Stamford, Connecticut, takes no prisoners when it comes to gaining a reputation in tech. Stamford, which is considered the “sixth borough of New York,” has turned its city hall into the Stamford Innovation Center in an effort to reinvent itself as a tech hub. We just hope you don’t hear Vince McMahon yell, “You’re fired!”

Salaries: 131 percent of national average

You can find the full article here.

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