Business is Catching on to the Value of Explainer Videos

Guest post by John Follis

This headline from a post about a current trend in video and video marketing explains that:

With advantages that include cost-effective branding opportunities, sales conversion and increased SEO, many businesses, including the major players, are beginning to look at explainer videos as more of a necessity than an option.

For those who don’t know, “explainer videos” are those short online clips that explain and illustrate a product, idea or service. The article further points out that:

These videos enjoy a strong foothold within the tech community as a way to explain new ideas simply, and also with many startups who use video overviews on their home page as a quick “get to know us” solution. But now, big business is catching up with the trend.

Since starting Big Idea Video a little over a year ago, we’ve gotten many requests for these type of videos. Here is a recent example that we created for the Connecticut Small Business Development Center.
John Follis
Founder / Creative Director of Big Idea Video. John built his reputation as the head of one of Madison Avenue’s most awarded agencies: Follis/DeVito/Verdi. Beyond award-winning, his work has a track record of sales results worthy of national business press (WSJ, Forbes, NYT), a Harvard Business School case study, and a Prentice-Hall  textbook (Principles of Marketing). To learn more about John, visit Wikipedia.


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