It is a Brand New World of Awesome Careers

…if you are willing to invest in yourself.

The traditional career path is gone for most of us.

Big corporations needs are changing so quickly, even IBM, Microsoft and the big banks are regularly letting wide swaths of talented employees go.

Get used to the idea that you may need to have several jobs at once. While a part time job might not be your goal today, you might want to reconsider. Part time work provides a great deal more flexibility than a traditional job and allows you to look for additional freelance opportunities while building new skills. Get into a groove swing with your part time job, add a few freelance gigs into the mix and you can be looking at significantly more income than you saw in your traditional job — and still have more time for your non-work activities.

So how can you make your career awesome? Own it.

Own the process of figuring out what you are good at and what you like to do. Own the process of learning the skills you need to add to your kit bag to provide you with regular income for the next decade.

But where to start? How about with your friends at the Stamford Innovation Center, who have put together a great set of classes for improving your resume, growing your social media acumen and generally growing your modern business skill set.

Stamford-based career coach Donna Sweidan is teaching two career-skills classes.

Write a Powerful Resume – December 5

Click here to register, or click here for Donna’s recent blog post on resume Building .

Abstract: Donna Sweidan covers the best practices of effective resume authorship, tailoring your resume to your job search, optimizing your keywords for greater visibility, and more. Learn how to create a compelling resume and stand out from the competition.

How to Tweet, Friend, and Link Your Way to Fame & Fortune – December 12

Click here to register or click here for Donna’s recent blog post about the importance of Social Media skills for today’s job seekers.  

Abstract: Social media is at the forefront of job search strategy today and if you aren’t optimizing Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, you are missing the chance to use today’s most valuable tools. In this workshop, you’ll learn advanced LinkedIn strategies as well as other smart, savvy, and cutting edge tricks using Twitter and Facebook to distinguish yourself, and get ahead of the competition!

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