Getting to Know: Bob Glass from Workbox Software

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1.What does your business do?

My company is called Workbox Software and we sell an app that helps small businesses manage their day-to-day bookkeeping needs. The app currently runs on the iPad but will soon be available on the iPhone. Following that will be the Mac. The app keeps track of time worked, products sold, one-time and recurring fees and appointments. Billable and non-billable expenses are captured along with the option to assign a photo of the invoice or receipt. Clients can be invoiced via email or hard-copy.   Accounts Receivables and Client Payments are also handled by the Workbox App. Full reporting is available in PDF or spreadsheet format – and all reports can be viewed on the screen, printed or emailed. The app is currently used by a wide range of businesses including therapists, landscapers, consultants, graphic artists and many others.


 2.When did you start your business



3. What inspired you to start your business?

I enjoy writing software. I started programming in college in the early 1970’s using punch cards. Here it is close 45 years later and I still like coding.


4. What have been some of your best achievements?

I’m most proud of the work done at my previous company – Datatech Software. I started that company in 1980 and began focusing on the advertising industry in 1984. By the time I sold the company in 2007 the app was responsible for handling most of the media buying for Publicis, Interpublic, parts of Omnicom and many smaller agencies. Although I’m no longer involved with that company, and many developers are now working on the system, I am very proud of the fact that software that I initially developed is managing a significant portion of the media purchased in the United States.


5. Goals for the future?

Continue developing the the Workbox App and growing the company.


6. What brought you to the SIC?

Two main reasons:

1) Couldn’t handle the leaf blowers around my house.

2) It’s lonely working by yourself. I’m accustomed to being around people during the day – and working alone in my house was getting depressing. I can’t say I have many conversations with people during the day at SIC – but it’s just nice be around people who are in a similar place that I am and be surrounded by good positive energy.


7. How does working in a Coworking space affect your business?

As it turned out the SIC has offered much more than a quiet place to work. I’ve gotten a lot out of the classes and lectures and networking opportunities. I recently hired someone I met at one of the classes to help me better understand the world of on-line advertising.


8. Who are some of the people who work with/for you?

I’ve got one person handling Facebook and Google Adwords. Another person doing social media posts.


Check out the Workbox Software website here.


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