The Big Picture

person-woman-art-creativeI’ve been a part of the SIC community for a little over a year now, and like many folks have settled into a routine. I get to see familiar faces, go to familiar meetups, and look forward to hearing familiar voices tell me unfamiliar things. Routines are great, they’re how work gets done and projects completed. Routines are what make coworking a good idea, vs. the constant interruptions of a home office.

However, in our routines it is easy to forget all of the things that our community has going on – we know about the grilled cheese lunches, but forget about the nine amazing advisors that are available free of charge. We remember the free printing but forget about the weekly and monthly meetups. It’s good sometimes to hear about everything that’s going on – to put our community in a broader perspective.

A few weeks ago, Barry Schwimmer and Peter Propp were interviewed by “Meet the Leaders,” a Cablevision show that highlights what’s going on around our state. Their perspective and the goals they put forward for the Innovation Center were a nice reminder of what’s going on and why the SIC community has continued to flourish.

Check out the video here:

Peter Propp and Barry Schwimmer on Meet the Leaders

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