Announcing Stamford Technology Week


For the past year, the Stamford Innovation Center has run a series of hackathons, software meetup groups, and smaller codeathons. And for several years before that, we’ve hosted technology meetings of varying sizes, the Stamford Tech Meetup principle amongst them.

We’re proud to announce another great step forward for Fairfield County’s Technology community, and indeed for Connecticut’s technology community: From September 14th, through September 18th, the SIC and our partners will host and coordinate the first Stamford Technology Week.

A True Community Event

We’ve carefully curated our events to ensure there’s something for everyone. From experienced professionals around the region, to high school students just getting interested in technology we’ve got something for everyone: Developers. Designers. Students. Citizens – all welcome.

As our economy increasingly relies on software and technical talent, the need to attract, retain and engage tech talent in our region has grown ever more acute. In response, we created the Stamford Hackathon, and now expand this into Stamford Technology Week, a series of four events that will run from Wednesday Sept. 14th, through Sunday Sept. 18th.

Smart Cities Summit, Sept. 14th

The term “Smart Cities” refers to the use of sensors, data and analytics to better understand what’s actually happening in buildings, on the roads and sidewalks of a city. This insight leads to better management, planning and growth – in turn leading to better outcomes on almost every measure. From emissions, to traffic to safety, Smart Cities work better because city managers have better information.

On Weds, Sept. 14th, we’ll convene a government panel, and an industry panel, each discussing challenges that our cities face and opportunities to address them.

Northeast JavaScript Conference, Sept. 15-16th

Professional software engineers may be in high demand, but from their perspective they’re also in a rapidly evolving field where skills become stale quickly. More than most professions, software engineers and developers love to go to conferences where they can hear how to get things done.

JavaScript (not a ‘version of Java, btw), started as a tool for building websites in the 1990’s, and has evolved over the years into a powerful tool for building everything from servers (Node.js), to mobile apps (React Native, Cordova, etc), and accelerating the development of powerful websites (Angular.js). In fact there are dozens of so-called ‘frameworks’ out there, and all promise to make some aspect of software development more efficient and effective.

We’ve brought together software engineers from around the country, with a strong focus on the amazing talent we’ve already got in Fairfield county, to create a world-class event, designed to draw talent from Boston to NYC to DC. Find out more at www.northeastjsconference.comBuy Tickets Here.

StamfordLogoRecreatedBrighter-blackBKStamford Hackathon, Sept. 16-18th

Our third outing will kick off the Northeast Hackathon Series, a sequential hackathon program that will go up the coast from Stamford to Bridgeport to New Haven and beyond.

Focused on Smart Cities, this hackathon will utilize Internet of Things and Virtual Reality technologies to help our train stations improve safety, congestion and parking. Find out more at

STEM Hackathon, Sept. 18th

In partnership with Stamford’s Department of Education, the SIC has expanded our STEM hackathon to include all three public high schools for a massive hackathon/tech expo to be held at Stamford High School. The event will include opportunities for students to compete with each other, or to just experience cutting edge technologies from Virtual Reality to Robotics, and hear from working professionals, university administrators and others about their choices in technology, and technology related fields. Find out more at

We’re pleased to offer these events in the fall, and look forward to seeing you there!





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