Announcing Innovation Roundtable (formerly known as Hacker Night)

Naming stuff is hard.

After more than two years, thousands of participants, and hundreds of pizza dinners, we have decided to rename Hacker Night, our signature weekly event for the tech and startup community. But we’ll continue to grow our Tuesday night gathering with a new name, Innovation Roundtable, meant to appeal to the broadest possible audience. For example, in a few weeks we will feature the Stamford-based father/son team of Brian Bofill and Steven Bofill who are the engineering minds behind Vengo Labs. They will be talking about “Efficient, Cost Effective Hardware Design Techniques and Principles.”

Event Hashtag: #InnovationRT

We were more popular than we thought…

Within a few weeks of the first Hacker Night (1/8/13), non-tech folk began to attend an event originally created to attract engineers and programmers. The lure of pizza, drinks, and the opportunity to hang out with techies was very appealing to smart entrepreneurs who knew they would eventually need to know people who can actually make things. The growth of that intersection has been amazing to watch, and we are really delighted by the community that we’ve built at Hacker Night, largely due to the MC skills of Alex Virvo and our many friends who keep on coming back. Eventually we knew we needed to rename Hacker Night, but until we had just the right name we did not want to announce anything. At some recent Hacker Nights, we tried out a bunch of new names. Innovation Roundtable was the clear winner.

Alex Virvo, the King of the Innovation Roundtable (Formerly Known as Hacker Night)

Alex Virvo, the King of the Innovation Roundtable (Formerly Known as Hacker Night)

Hacker Night sounded scary to some.

All of us who attend Hacker Night know there are fewer coders attending than we’d like. But since we want to continue to grow, and most of our population is in that category of non-coding/startup and tech curious, we felt that we needed a name that was inviting to the non-technical, but would also allow us to have deep technical skills like the Bofills or Thani Sokka and Eric Morales, the two wizards from Google who blew our minds last Tuesday (2/24) attend and tell their story to our exciting community. So: Innovation – because the term, while overused, is a positive term for both startups and established companies…and Roundtable – because everyone contributes and the group is impressive. Join us, you’ll see.

Innovation Roundtable is for everyone.

Are you looking to present your awesome technology, startup or idea?  Do you run a cool non-profit and want to get some volunteers? Are you starting a new company? Are you looking for a technical co-founder? Are you looking to make a career change? Are you a designer looking for work? Are you a coder looking for projects? Are you a finance person looking for investment opportunities? Come to Innovation Roundtable. Are you a patent attorney, transaction attorney, immigration attorney, consultant, accountant etc. looking for new business? Come to Innovation Roundtable.

Want to know what’s going on in Stamford?

Surprise! I suggest you join us for Innovation Roundtable. We hold it every Tuesday at 6:oopm. For $10 you will get food and drink for your body, great ideas for your brain, and friendly conversation to make you feel good. We look forward to meeting you and your friends at our next Innovation Roundtable.

P.S.  Do you like Pizza? Because we totally have that.

      Come to our Innovation Roundtable!

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