4 Behaviors of Great Entrepreneurs

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We’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the past four years at the Stamford Innovation Center.

And we’re starting to see some very clear patterns of behavior among the most successful entrepreneurs and business people. We’ve boiled it down to four key behaviors: be Present, Helpful, Approachable and Appreciative.   Here’s how.

  • Be Present – If you really want to build your network and improve your chances for success, try coworking.  There is no better way to create connections and get support in the very difficult endeavor of creating a startup. If you can’t cowork, commit to regular attendance at business, networking, food and arts events in your community. When choosing an event to attend, consider the audience that an event is going to draw – the topic might not be appealing to you, but it could be for the people you want to meet.
  • Be Helpful – ask people what they are looking for or what interests them. You are much more likely to get a dialog going and who knows where a real conversation on any topic can lead? So much better than asking a stranger for a favor.
  • Be Approachable – include your e-mail address and phone number on EVERY e-mail you send. There are very few careers these days where you can or should try to maintain privacy at the risk of making it hard for people to reach you.
  • Be Appreciative —  Send thank you notes. Send an article or an idea and let your network know you care.  After all, your network is just people.  The more personal your bond with those important people, the more you will both get from the relationship.

So there you have it– in a few steps, you can build and support the growth of entrepreneurs and businesses in your community.

As 2016 starts, we are so excited about the programming we’ve developed. You’ll see a great deal of content from us this year including our executive speaker series, the 2nd Stamford Hackathon, our 5th Stamford Startup Weekend and a regular slate of great classes and meetups.

We hope you’ll take the time to join us, bring a friend and help us continue the growth of Connecticut’s growing startup community.

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