3 Hot Startups to Watch — (Summer 2016)

by Carl Marvin Louis

Editor’s note: We asked Carl Marvin Louis, a rising Junior at UConn Storrs, to take a look across the world of startups and give us his take on some new startups we should know.

Starry sells wireless equipment that will increase internet speed to 1 gigabit per second, which is fast enough to download a two-hour movie in seconds. The company was launched by the former CEO of Aereo, Chet Kanojia. One of Starry’s first devices is a $350 touchscreen router that’s easy to set and to manage. On the screen of the router it shows how many devices are connected to the internet and how fast the internet is currently running. Starry products started to roll out this summer in neighborhoods in Boston, and according to an interview with Kanojia, more devices will start to roll out once everything is stable over in Boston. Their website, shows some of the devices and gives some more info.

Nanit is a smart baby camera that not only watches your baby sleep but also captures data on how your baby sleeps. For example, it tells you how long it takes each night for your baby to fall asleep. The Nanit baby monitor has an HD camera, a 5.5’ tall floor stand and a ceiling-directed LED nightlight. It connects to your cellular device, giving you access to live stream and smart notifications. Cost: $279 for a Nanit camera and floor stand. HQ: NYC. CEO: Assaf Glazer. Visit for more info.

Lola is a mobile travel concierge app that supports travelers with a team of consultants that take care of every step. The service combines an experienced staff and A.I. technology. Lola was founded by Paul English, one of the co-founders of (Stamford-based travel site) Kayak. The goal is to upgrade the travel-agent industry to the 21st century. The app received $20 Million USD from investors including General Catalysts and Accel Partners. Visit for more info.

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