About Events and Classes

Knowledge Makes You Powerful

The Stamford Innovation Center developed the Innovation Ed program to provide a platform for professionals to learn and grow.

Today’s careers are just different. You’ll be asked to apply skills to problems you never thought of. You’ll learn skills you never thought you’d need. And if you are prepared to roll with the punches, you’ll find more flexibility, more fulfillment and more passion about the work you get to do.

We leverage the remarkable talent that is here in our region to create classes to help you achieve your goals. And if you don’t see a class you need, or have an idea for a class that you’d like to teach, just let us know!

Our Events and Classes are for…

  • people in the midst of a career change
  • corporate employees wanting a stronger skill set
  • startups looking to diversify knowledge
  • consultants desiring prospect opportunities
  • freelancers needing a place to develop as professionals


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