Our Vision

Our Vision Is To Help You Achieve Your Vision

Situated in downtown Stamford, the Innovation Center aims to create an environment where small business owners, consultants, techies, designers and entrepreneurs can gather, collaborate, and innovate.

The SIC spends everyday working with the local business community in a hands-on fashion. From giving away free advisory meetings to hosting events and classes, we are providing immense opportunities for local professionals to grow and succeed.

It truly is our vision to help make your vision become a reality. Most professionals start with an advisory meeting where we discuss their goals, fears and challenges. After assessing the best route for success, many go on to reserve co-working space here at the SIC. The collaborative environment helps professionals feel inspired and encouraged every step of the way.

Stamford innovation center Founder, Barry Schwimmer, discusses our vision and goals

“It took a historical building that was critical to the infrastructure and to the very DNA of the city of Stamford and infused it with new spirit and new life. It’s been a very rewarding experience.”
This community-driven space encourages the free exchange of ideas and resources, develops both professional and personal relationships, and enables mutually beneficial growth for all businesses.

Make the Stamford Innovation Center your office. The center provides a comfortable yet professional setting for independent professionals to grow alongside like-minded individuals.

You will have the opportunity to make new friends, collaborate with smart individuals and get your work done in a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. Those that use the SIC co-working space absolutely love the life and energy it brings to their work day.

We invite you to come look at our facilities, capture the vision and enjoy a free day of co-working on us!


Can the SIC help your vision become a reality?

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